Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Pictures From the Home Finding Trip

It's official, our one-way flights are book for March 7th. The movers are coming on Feb 29th to pack up the house and we'll move in with my folks around that time. That will leave us a few days to finalize all the little things to do before getting on that plane.

Here are some more pictures from our home finding trip.

If I remembered the name of this temple, I would write it here

A look over Jinji Hu Lake

Shayne and Alex entering Shan Tang Street in Suzhou

The canal running parallel to Shan Tang Street.

Our guide didn't recognize the faces on these mugs

Shayne bought a fresh water pearl necklace, but forgot to negotiate.

"The Bund" in Shanghai

The Sherpa didn't deliver silverware, so Clif spooned his stuffed chicken

Shayne's tacos were spicy!

Gate of the Orient, as seen from our hotel room

Gate of the Orient on a more clear day

Rainbow Walk on Jinji Hu Lake, home of the Big 'n Whistle

Look what we found within walking distance of the apartment! Shayne is pretty happy about this.

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