Thursday, February 2, 2012

What We're Expecting: Bunches of People

Here is the first part of a series we are going to publish before the final move. We've done a little internet research about Suzhou and we'll make a home finding trip in February. Clif went on a scouting expedition in October and we've talked to current and former Suzhou expats. The result is information overload. A patchwork of critical and useless information...random facts or ideas.

Things we think we're expecting.

A picture Clif took while lost in the city

Suzhou is definitely a BIG city, not just by our small city standards. Moving from Peoria to any large city will invoke some level of culture shock. Add in the whole "eastern culture" thing and we are in for a thorough shocking of our cultures.

Check out these easily interpreted visual representations of data.

Total population is only part of the story; the city's population density is two and a half times that of Peoria. Even the Suzhou outskirts are more densely populated than Peoria.

With all those people, think we'll have a chance to go unnoticed?


  1. Oh, Boy! So much to congratulate. First, as a younger "ol' fogee" from one generation removed, I admire the 21st century communication skills and the delightful and upbeat tone rampant in the blog. Am I too easily impressed?
    Most importantly, Congrats on the new Gerke who will debut during the extraordinary experiences we now anticipate as you share. We send our love.

    1. @Jim (or is it Clara): That was perhaps the perfect comment, please return and leave more like it in the future.