Thursday, February 16, 2012

HHI Suzhou Edition - The Dramatic Conclusion

Viewing a dozen homes in two days was easy. Narrowing the choices down to a top three was easy. Picking an absolute favorite was really difficult.

We'll be getting the awesome clubhouse (which probably deserves it's own post), heated floors and the outdoor laundry room. Previously known as option two in our teaser post, we'll live in a swanky 1800 sq ft apartment in Marina Cove Gardens. I'd mention the price, but such talk is uncivilized - even we weren't allowed to know until the deal was settled.

Here is a link to the apartment complex's site, which you won't be able to read...but click around on the menus to see some other pictures.

Living room

Balcony on the second floor

Dining room, looking into kitchen

Sixty inches of high definition


"That Other Balcony"

Master bathroom, with Japanese toilet

Master bedroom

The bed you will sleep in during your visit

Peanut's room

Floor plan courtesy

As of press time, we have a verbal agreement from all parties on lease terms. The paperwork is being shuffled and we're awaiting a FIRM confirmation from Doris Du at Joanna Real Estate. Doris was very helpful and speaks very good English.

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