Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yaolin Wonderland

We went on a team building trip with Clif's coworkers over the recent long weekend. We visited three spots around Tonglu and Chun'an in Zhejiang Province and each location will get it's own blog post.

This week, I've had a string of late night business dinners and haven't had time to write about the trip. To save time, I'll do these write ups in reverse chronological share the sights of our third day requires the least amount of words so it's easier to publish.

See the crowd of people in the center of this picture?

On the way home Sunday, we visited Yaolin Wonderland. It's a cave and the Chinese have lit it up in a way only the Chinese can master....the result is visual stimulation on a scale the camera can't fully capture. I fought slow shutter speeds and motion blur to bring you the following...enjoy.

The Yaolin Wonderland entrance

Keep an eye out for people in these pictures, you need to find them to appreciate the size of this place.

At the end there was a "log plume" type ride that disappeared into the darkness. We did not try it.

"We have lots of Gods, the live in mountains and caves."

Pit stop, about half way through the cave.


  1. What were the orange fabric things all lined up?

  2. awesome! but i think you should have got in the rafts!

    1. The rafts I have been fun. However, we got directly back on the bus for a 5-6 hour ride back home AND I don't exactly trust the safety maintenance here! A few days before we were at a place hiking. You could take a cart back down once you made it to the top, but you were responsible for braking as not to tip your cart over. Seems like a liability.