Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's on Tonight?

Back in the states we were living a conservative life in the realm of television technology.  We still had a VCR, no DVR, no flat screen TVs, no HD.  However, when we made our move half way around the world we also took a step towards modernization.  The place we call home is furnished with an extravagant TV by our standards.  We had dreams of enjoying all our favorite shows on the "big screen."  Our excitement was met with disappointment quickly after moving in.

While we may have 87 channels, approximately 7 of those are in English. Maybe it is just us, but channels like "Fashion" and "Diva" just aren't cutting it.  There is no Modern Family, no Office, no Desperate Housewives. Even if you find a program you like, you will be met with frustration as the sound will cut out and, inevitably, the program will just give up and freeze. I have been told that others have better packages, we are not so lucky.
Note: We have yet to figure out how to change our guide or any menus for that matter, into English.  Also note: While you see HD, it is a lie. There are no HD channels. Last note: Just because a channel is listed in English characters does not guarantee it is an English speaking channel.

So, what do you do about this?
You visit one of the many DVD stores. It is about as cheap to buy a DVD as it is to rent one back in the states.  DVDs will typically cost you between 20 or 30 RMB depending on how many discs there are. That translates to approximately $3-5 dollars for a movie or one-two seasons of a familiar program.

We are slowly accumulating a small library of movies and TV series.  You can also bet that if you want something, another expat has probably already bought it and would be more than willing to share.

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