Monday, April 30, 2012

Chinese Road Construction

Imagine you left your comfortable westernized bubble. You're on a bus traveling in the Chinese back-country, en route to an unknown destination on a trip leg of known length. You're on the final day of a three day excursion, in which relaxation is tough for westerners. You haven't seen a fork since you left and you're even debating the merits of "squatty potties."

Then you pull of the expressway and you see this:

The road to Yaolin Wonderland was not present under construction. It was replaced with a bumpy 5mph off-road bus ride, sometimes through backyards. That didn't stop the bus parade as thousands of people crept their way through the town, to be "ooo'ed and ahhh'ed" in the cave.

I guess an attraction that hosts tens of thousands of people per day should have some decent infrastructure. I suppose that infrastructure needs to be fixed up from time to time. The price to pay is slight inconvenience now...reap the rewards later.