Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good bye, farewell

Dear first home,

I am sure you were a little confused when you saw this pull up in front of the house. Surely it couldn't be for you.

Over the past 7 years we have had our ups and downs, but most of the memories are good ones.  It was hard to leave you, my first house, but big opportunities have come our way and I am sure you will understand.

Seven years ago you were the first room I stepped foot in.  I think I fell in love with you before I even explored the rest of your rooms.  Today, I left you nearly as you were on the day we moved in.  I promise not to tell the new owner that on occasion you may let a bat or two in through your chimney.

Seven years ago I walked into the dining room and thought, "Oh my, this is a bright room. Who paints a ceiling yellow?"  However, over the years you have grown on me and I even noticed our neighbor painted their dining a similar cheerful color. Today you have new windows and curtains, but your yellow remains.

Seven years ago you were quite dull: off white burber carpet, old windows, and white walls.  We moved in with a used mattress, childhood dresser and plastic night stand.  Today, you have new carpet, new windows, new trim, fresh paint, and crown molding.  I do owe an apology.  I accused you of a tiny closet.  However, after seeing you all empty and bare I realized I just had way too many clothes.  

Seven years ago I found you to be quite unattractive: blue speckled burber carpet, old windows and white walls.  No thank you.  Today, you have new paint, new windows and new carpet.  While I didn't spent much time with you, the pets enjoyed your hospitality.

Seven years ago today I was not pleased with your blue tile and small size.  Today, I am not pleased with your blue tile and small size.  Maybe I won't miss every room.

Seven years ago you had a window we could not open and an icky linoleum floor.  We wondered why our bread and food was getting so warm in the winter in your cabinets. Today, you have a window to let in the spring and fall breeze and new tile floors.  Oh, and we found your hidden heating and cooling vent.  Your future tenants will not have speculate why their bread molds so quickly.

Seven years ago you were not a great selling point.  You had wood panel walls and matching trim.  Today, your walls, doors, drawers and trim have been painted.  I tried to make you pretty, hopefully no one looks too closely.

Seven years ago you were probably the nicest room in the house.  Today you remain untouched. Well, expect or a few kitty puke stains, but you understand. 

Seven years ago you were nothing but cinder blocks and a scary shower with a light bulb hanging down. I didn't want anything to do with you. Today you are a totally remodeled laundry room and bathroom.  While you and I never thought the husband would complete you, the outcome was definitely worth the wait. 

It was hard to walk into you all empty and echoey, but then I think of all the good times we had together and let's face it, we both knew this thing wouldn't last forever.  It was good while it lasted, but it is time to move on.  The for sale sign is in your front yard and I hope your next owners enjoy you as much as I did. 


  1. awww that was the sweetest ode to your old friend.. your house!

  2. Such a clever girl. I'm so happy you all sent the link to your blog! This has been a very pleasant morning learning more about your lives. Blessings from PGMO!