Monday, March 19, 2012

The cabs are here! The cabs are here!

How do you get to where you want to go when your driver doesn't speak the same language as you?  Taxi cards, that's how!  Now I haven't actually braved a taxi yet, though I am told they are the easiest way to get from place to place, I plan on learning the ropes soon. In the meanwhile, when we want to go on errands or local tourist attractions we just hope we have a taxi card for it.

Taxi cards are provided by our realtor and also the expat association I have joined.  They are super handy.  Each page has the location listed in English and also in Chinese.  So, we just show our driver the card of where we want to go and he responds with, "Okay, English?"  Our driver seems up for learning some English, which is nice.  I plan on testing out my Chinese on him as well, that is once I start my lessons. From there, we just hope the driver really knows where he is going.  I also swear he never takes me the same way twice, but he seems reliable.

Frank's Place is a shop I visited in Old Town.  Old Town is just as it sounds, the old part of town.  They have all kinds of Chinese gift-type things.  I would post a picture of my purchases, but you might be seeing one show up in your stocking and that would ruin the fun!

Someday soon I actually plan on using my taxi cards in an actual taxi, but until then bonus points will be award to the first person to correctly identifys the show from which my title is taken....


  1. Jersey Shore?? Kim Swartz

  2. Jersey Shore, Pauly D.


    1. Dave, I will give you extra credit for knowing the cast member!