Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheat Sheets and the Red Button

Where is the mute button?

After moving into the apartment, we discovered another challenge about living in China. A seemingly minor one, but a major pain none the less.

In China, anything worth writing down is done so in Chinese. We acknowledge the reasonableness of this strategy and will do our best to not be too "American" about the issue.

Our bathroom exhaust fan has a control panel

Washer/Drier combo

 Our successful strategy involves luring inviting a bilingual native into the home, and asking for help in creating cheat sheets. We need to find a laminating machine.

A button for "Strong Cleaning" and another button for "Extra Clean"

Someday soon we'll have to ask about the little red button on the wall. Otherwise, Clif may push it to find out.

Push the Red Button


  1. All boys are intrigued by buttons! LOL Go for it Clif! And Shayne, document it, please. Gayle Bishop

  2. I am an American living in Nanjing with the same red button in my apartment. I came across this blog by googling Red Button China Apt. Did you ever learn what it does? I have yet to meet an expat brave enough to risk it...

    1. No, we never found out. Our assumption is that one of our complex's security guards will show up if we push it.