Monday, May 14, 2012

Tid Bits

Just a few pictures of things around China....

Ever wonder where your tea leaves come from?  On our weekend trip with Clif's work we were in a mountainous region and you would see these clear cut, terraced sides of the hills.  Many times you could see people way up in between the rows picking leaves, we believe.  I also can't seem to locate the pictures, but the hills we also dotted with tombs that were decorated with flowers and ribbons. There did seem to be an official grave yard, just random groups of tombs here and there in the sides of the hills. 

Dunkn' Donuts are not hard to come by here in Suzhou, but I am not sure the selection is quite as appetizing as back in the States.

Something else I find interesting about life here...
In Suzhou there are no parking meters, instead there are these workers dressed in grey at about every city block where parking is available.  Their job is to take money from the people who want to park alongside the road. I suppose this is a better job than having to sweet the roads with twig-ish brooms.

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  1. I'm very much enjoying following your journey...drinking tea, presently. And, I think I'll pass on the donuts. ;-)