Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anyone hungry?

Dear Friends and Family,

I have generated a list of all the restaurants I would like to eat at upon my return. I know it has only been a few short months, but I can't seem to get it off my mind.  I thought maybe putting it down on paper, or blogging in this case, might make me think about them less.  You know, like when you can't sleep because you have too many things on your mind?  Some people think of creative new ideas, I prefer to spend my time pondering all the food options I no longer have available.  I think I included something for everyone.  Please feel free to sign up to accompany me to any venue as eating at each of these places by myself might be a little depressing. You will have plenty of time to clear your schedule, I will not arrive in the States until December. 

Arby’s-Clif will probably lay claim to this one.
Steak n’ Shake
Sushigawa-This may require a two trip minimum.
Jimmy Johns
Ice Cream Shack (This will have to wait until 2013, but you can be thinking about it as an option)
Buffalo Wild Wings
La Gondola

I will also take suggestions as I am sure I am missing a few important places. Clif thinks I am spending too much time daydreaming about food, but I am sure he is spending just as much time thinking about all the fishing he can't do as I as am about all the food I can't eat. 

Peace from the Far East, 


  1. Expectant Mothers are suppose to be thinking of food. So good job. I would eat at any of those places, Jalapanos, Steak and Shake And Alexanders. I will even pay.

  2. Clif & Shayne, Good job keeping your contact info out of the blog! Could not find it anywhere. My wife and I are moving to Suzhou from St. Louis on June 18th and we happened upon your blog. We are going to be living in Marina Cove as well. I guess we will have to just identify you from the pics.

    1. Shayne is easy to spot on account of the red hair and baby belly. Clif may be harder to find, but he's the incredibly handsome one. :)

      Let us know when you land, Shayne has already volunteered to show Jill around and introduce her to the expat community.