Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Humble Administrator's Garden

After failing to enter the Humble Administrator's Garden last week, we strapped the baby to Shayne and braved the big world again on Saturday. It really is a beautiful place best described with pictures. I won't muttle things up too much with my words.

A marked reduction in crowd density.

One of many pagodas and pavilions

Lotus pool, we missed the blooming season

Bridges are often crooked because demons can only travel in straight lines.

It is easy to miss the details

We're sure there is a reason to use round doors, but we don't know it.

Permanent residents

Shayne doing her best impression of a young Chinese girl.

Even in ancient gardens, the cellular service is top notch.

We waited a long time for all the other people to leave this picture, and settled for "only two"


Clif loves these things. He's not sure why.

Watch your step!

This grape vine is protected from the bums of weary visitors.

Wood carving

Why we left the baby stroller at home: in general China is not wheel chair accessible.


  1. Very interesting pictures! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. And I am ever so glad we put a curve in the sidewalk leading up to the front door of our new home - now I can be assured that no demons will be visiting with that curved sidewalk.

    1. No demons, but watch out for witnesses.

  2. Love the one of Shayne posing :-) So beautiful!

    1. She's posing in about all of them.