Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Primative World

Last year, while fishing the Mackinaw River in Illinois, I found a beer can. It was a relic, perhaps buried in muck for decades. It was an interesting find because I'm too young to remember pull tab cans. I even took it home and kept in the garage for a while. The world sure has changed....

"Please Don't Litter"

A vented wide mouth didn't satisfy you, and neither do cans shaped like bottles. I won't even ask about your disappointment with labels that change color.  Never fear, beer scientists are constantly researching new gimmicks technology to improve your beer experience. Enter the new "Punch Top" can....because the only way to improve beer is to make it harder to open.

Yet somehow, people in China still get by with last year's model...

Some days it's a wonder how I survive here. I can barely drink this beer.

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