Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Play a Game, It's Called "Did He Eat It?"

This pigeon "messed" it's last statue

We're only three months deep in this China adventure thingy. Already I've compiled the following list of bizarre (to me) items that have been presented as food. For brevity's sake, I'm only including dishes that have actually been served - I'm excluding dishes simply seen on the menu and a couple restaurants I won't go near.

Don't worry about eating it all, they have more in the back.

See if you can guess which ones landed in Clif's belly, and on which ones he passed.

  1. Tofu
  2. Pig ear
  3. Asian carp
  4. Fish on a stick (pictured above)
  5. Pig colon
  6. Silk worms (pictured below)
  7. Donkey meat dumplings
  8. Chicken feet, in BBQ sauce
  9. Pigeon (pictured at top)
  10. Pig hoof
  11. Bamboo
  12. Frog (legs et. al.)
  13. Fried silver fish
  14. Bone marrow

A slightly stringy texture
Have your answers locked in? Lets see how you did

  1. Tofu - Ok this was a slow pitch to get things started. I had tofu in the States, but I've had much, much, much more here - nearly every day at work.
  2. Pig ear - Ate it on one of my first days in the office, while still feeling somewhat adventurous. Tasted like bacon, but with a texture reminiscent of rubber bands. I won't do it again.
  3. Asian carp - Partook in this many times and it actually tastes very good. It's a real pain in the butt to eat around all the bones so I only do this in emergencies.
  4. Fish on a stick (pictured above) - Not only was it laying around outdoors but it was fish on a fother-mucking stick. NO WAY.
  5. Pig colon - It touched my tongue and I knew instantly something was going horribly wrong. I was told after dinner what it was and will keep a vigilant lookout for it in the future.
  6. Silk worms (pictured below) - Big pass with no regrets.  Just look at it!
  7. Donkey meat dumplings - I was kind of tricked into eating this one. My coworkers know I like dumplings so they ordered two plates: one with beef and one with donkey meat. I didn't mind it, tasted like corned beef.
  8. Chicken feet, in BBQ sauce - This one I thought for sure I'd be able to do, but when it was sitting on my plate I "chickened" out.
  9. Pigeon (pictured at top) - I was told about pigeon being good, so I sought this one out and will do it again. I figured it would taste like dove, but the taste reminded me of turkey.
  10. Pig hoof - Pass....that stuff is for dogs
  11. Bamboo - Another slow pitch, baby bamboo shoots are double super tasty-tasty
  12. Frog (legs et. al.) - Imagine a bull frog passed through a box fan. Throw in some rice and you'll have a picture of what I did not eat.
  13. Fried silver fish - I ate these accidentally because I didn't look close enough. They look a lot like noodles, but eventually you'll notice those "noodles" have eyes. Didn't taste bad, but I was creeped out by their sneakiness and couldn't eat more.
  14. Bone marrow - I was given a bone, a plastic straw and a demonstration. I opted out of this, but couldn't help but laugh when the straw made the same sound it would in an empty cup. If given a second chance, I may rethink.

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  1. Bet you could eat beans in your chili now.